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Bharat Electronics Limited  
Telemetry Systems, UHF tone range receivers, command decoders, S-band transmitters, C-band transponders for sounding rockets & launchers, satellite communication equipment which include - antenna servo systems, tracking receivers & PCM receivers (util ..
The global marketing of Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) Satellite data products through Space Imaging, USA forms a stable and growing activity of the company. ..
Anup Engineering Private Limited  
Fabricator of SLV, PSLV & ASLV launchers' solid rocket motor cases. ..
Steel and Industrial Forgings Ltd. (SIFL)  
SIFL's diverse product mix caters to a range of industries. These include complex and high precision forgings for Defence, specialised forgings for Aero & Space Research, heavy forgings for Commercial Vehicles and other spares for light Automobiles et ..
Hindustan Aeronautic Limited  
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited- more familiarly known by the acronym HAL- carries a heavy burden of responsibility towards the Indian armed forces, for the HAL factories spread across the sub continent collectively produce a majo ..
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