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Birla Planetarium  
The M. P. Birla Planetarium started functioning from September 29, 1962 as an educational, scientific and research institution and was formally inaugurated on July 2, 1963 by the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. ..
Jawarharlal Nehru Planetarium  
One of India?s finest architects J.M.Kadri designed this beautiful landmark building which houses Nehru Planetarium. ..
Radio Observatory, Gauribidanur  
The Indian Institute of Astrophysics in a joint collaboration programme with the Raman Research Institute operates a radio observatory located at Gauribidanur about 100 km north of Bangalore. ..
Indian Astronomical Observatory, Hanle  
THE WORLD'S HIGHEST OBSERVATORY FOR OPTICAL & INFRA-RED ASTRONOMY. The Indian Astronomical Observatory, the high-altitude station of IIA is situated at an altitude of 4500 metres above mean sea level to the north of Western Himalayas. ..
Vainu Bappu Observatory, Kavalur  
The Vainu Bappu Observatory (VBO) is the main optical observatory of the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), and is located in the picturesque neighbourhood of the village of Kavalur in the state of Tamil Nadu. ..
Nehru Planetarium  
The Nehru Planetarium, commissioned on 3rd March, 1977 has grown into a Centre for scientific study of astronomy and for meeting of scientists and scholars for discussions and lectures, arranged periodically on various stellar and Astronomical even ..
Mount Abu InfraRed Observatory (MIRO)  
The Mount Abu Infrared Telescope is the first major facility in India specifically designed for ground based infrared observations of celestial objects. ..