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Confederation of Indian Amateur Astronomers (CIAA)  
The Confederation was formed in the 4th All India Amateur Astronomers' Meet - Calcutta, on the January 22nd, 1994.The Confederation is a Conglomeration of Amateur Astronomers and Amateur Astronomy Associations all over India. It has a scientific advis ..
Kerala State Science and Tech. Museum  
Established in 1984, the Science and Technology Museum, is an autonomous organization, setup by the Government of Kerala, to serve as a dynamic medium of science Communication for the public and for inculcating sense of enquiry and scientific temperam ..
Khagol Mandal  
The Largest association of amateur astronomers and skygazers in India. The objective of Khagol Mandal is to popularize the Astronomy and Astrophysics. ..
Science Popularization Association of communicators and Educators (S.P.A.C.E.)  
S.P.A.C.E. is an NGO involved in the promotion of Astronomy and Scientific Temper in educational institutions and among the masses. ..
Amateur Club, Ahemdabad  
Astronomy club is a platform independent, non profit, scientific and educational organization dedicated to fostering communication and participation between individuals interested in astronomy & allied sciences and also assisting them in fulfillment o ..
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