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Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology  
The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology(JVP) is the leading journal of professional vertebrate paleontology and the flagship publication of the Society. It was founded in 1980 by Dr. Jiri Zidek and publishes contributions on all aspects of VP. ..
Journal of the Geolgical Society of India  
A division of it is involved in Paleontology has info about the Society.Is not the Homepage of the Society. ..
Resonance--journal of science and education  
Resonance' is a journal of science education, published monthly since January 1996 by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, India. ..
Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India  
The Palaeontological Society of India has the active support of the Indian Universities and Institutions and of many distinguished foreign scientists, encompasses in its scope research in Palaeontology, Palaeobotany and Prehistory ..
Journal of Paleontology.  
The Paleontological Society is an international organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of the science of paleontology through the dissemination of research by publication and meetings. ..
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