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Foundation for revitalisation of Local Health Traditions.  
FRLHT has a wealth of researched data collected during the course of its activities. FRLHT?s Database Unit has developed multi-disciplinary, computerised medicinal plants databases, which are constantly expanding and being updated. The databases have ..
Promoted in 1980, we pioneered electronic information business in India. We were the first to introduce and market the concepts of online & CD-ROM databases in India during late 80's ..
Investment Research & Information Services Limited (IRIS)  
We have researching mechanisms that automatically collect data from multiple sources, integrate it, remove redundancies and then deliver it in real time, in the appropriate format. IRIS has designed and implemented high efficiency database applicati ..
India Business Insight Database(IBID) A database product of Informatics(India) Ltd.  
India Business Insight Database (IBID) compiles and consolidates vital information on Indian business and industry from business magazines and newspapers. It saves your time and keeps you constantly in touch with your fast changing business environmen ..
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