Funding Schemes
Ministry of Water Resources (MOWR)
I. Introduction
Ministry of Water Resources (MOWR) provides financial assistance to promote research work in the field of Water Resources Engineering. The assistance is provided by way of grants to academicians/experts in the Universities, IITs, recognised R&D laboratories, Water Resources/ Irrigation departments of the Central and State Governments and NGOs. Research proposals of applied nature as well as basic research are considered for MOWR support.
II. Name of scheme(s)

Research & Development for Water Resources Management

i) To find practical solutions to the country's water resources related problems, to improve available technology and engineering methods and procedures.
ii) To maintain a lead in the latest technology so as to enable export of expertise from India, in competition with other developed nations, to countries that import such expertise, in order to earn foreign exchange, increase GDP and provide employment opportunities for Indians abroad.
iii) To review the state of the art in the country in different branches of the subject area by collecting relevant information from national and international organizations and publish "State of the art Report". To prepare and maintain a comprehensive documentation, preferably using IT, of R&D done so far at national as well as international level.
iv) To prepare, co-ordinate and recommend funding of research programmes to be taken up by the institutions in the country on basic and applied research, action research, and other areas related to research in the subject field.
v) To review the R&D programme in the subject area: identify topics which need immediate
attention and encourage the national institutions to take up research on these topics.
vi) To disseminate information and stimulate thinking related to the subject field by publishing journals, research news/digests; arranging and conducting seminars/ conferences/ workshops; supporting mass awareness programmes.
vii) To provide support for the infrastructure development of research institutions working in the water resources sector.
viii) To encourage indigenous industry to take up technology development in the subject area.
ix) To promote and co-ordinate effective participation of India in the International programmes related to the water resources.
x) To promote educational, training and Human Resources Development programmes in the subject area.

Who can submit a proposal
Funding is provided to following:

R&D institutes/labs of the Central or State Government
Organisations under MOWR
Universities and Educational institutes, engineering and agricultural colleges; IITs
WALMIs, NGOs, non-profit making private R&D institutions/ organisations.

MOWR also welcomes the involvement of eminent scientists and engineers including retired personnel to carry out special research, monograph writing, preparation of state-of-the-art report etc. In such cases the retired personnel should encourage younger engineers/scientists from their group to submit the research proposal with which they could be associated. Honorarium to retired personnel based on their retirement benefits etc. should be indicated in the proposal.

When and how to submit a proposal
Application for research grants can be submitted at any time of the year. The proposal is to be submitted on a prescribed proforma given in Appendix 1 of Guideline for Implementation of R&D Programme, Part-1 -Instruction to Investigators (available at

Areas of research support
INC Subject Domain
INCH Management of Floods, Hydraulic Structures (including masonry and concrete structures), River and Estuarine Hydraulics, River Morphology, Ground Water Hydraulics, Instrumentation for Seismic and Geophysical Measurements, Open Channel Flow, Pipe Flow, Hydraulic Machinery, City Water Supply and Ports and Harbours
INCOH Meteorology, Surface Water Hydrology, Evaporation Control, Ground Water Hydrology and Management, Instrumentation, Real Time Systems, Application of GIS and Remote Sensing
INCID Irrigation, Drainage, Agronomy, Water Management, Environmental Impact and Socio-Economic Aspect of Water Resources Projects, Plasticulture Development, Geo-textiles
INCGE Rock Mechanics & Tunnelling Technology; Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering; and Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques
INCCMS Construction Materials, Concrete Technology and Structures

Components of grant
Funding can be provided for purchase of equipment; purchase of books and journals; development of other infrastructure necessary for the research; for the salaries of research staff in the grades of JRF/SRF/RA; for the cost of conducting the experiment including cost of consumables; and for travel in connection with the research. If the host institute is providing any facilities - infrastructure or staff - then overheads upto 20 % of the total cost can also be charged to the project cost.

Items not allowed out of grant
Funding is not provided for foreign travel; salary of the PI, other investigators and non-research staff who are regular employees of the institute; honorarium or cash incentives in any form for the investigators and research staff. Purchase of computers and peripherals may be allowed only in rare cases where the importance of the work so demands.

Mechanism of implementation and monitoring
Considering wide range of topics covered by Water Resources Engineering, five committees called Indian National Committees (INCs) have been constituted to co-ordinate the R&D programme in conjunction with R&D Division, MOWR. The five INCs are listed below:

INC for Hydraulics Research (INCH)
INC for Hydrology (INCOH)
INC for Irrigation & Drainage (INCID)
INC for Geo-technical Engineering (INCGE)
INC for Construction Materials & Structures (INCCMS)
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