Funding Schemes
Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA)
I. Introduction
Petroleum Conservation Research Association is an organization which works under the ambit of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India. It has been granted the prodigious task of endorsing conservation of petroleum products leading to environment protection for sustained growth among the individuals and institutions by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

Research and Development is a major important activity of PCRA. PCRA has continued with its efforts towards new R&D projects aimed at accelerating conservation of petroleum products leading to environment protection, energy security and sustainable development.
II. Name of scheme (s)

Research & Development

 To promote research, development and deployment efforts aimed at petroleum conservation and environment protection.
 To support and facilitate efforts for adoption and dissemination of fuel-efficient technologies.
 To work for substitution of petroleum products with alternate fuels.

Who can submit a proposal
Universities, Colleges, R&D Institutions, Technical & Educational Institutions, Private Organizations, NGOs.

When and how to submit a proposal
Any time during the year. One copy of the proposal is initially to be submitted to the Executive Director or Director (PS).

Areas of research support
Projects related to efficient energy utilization & environment protection leading to improvement in quality of life.

Components of grant
Salaries, equipment, expendables and supplies, travel, contingencies and overheads.

Items not allowed out of grant
International travel.

Mechanism of implementation and monitoring
After initial scrutiny, the proposal is placed before the Screening Committee on Resources, Environment & Conservation. Based on the recommendation of the Screening Committee, the proposal is processed for sanction.

The project is monitored by the Department/Screening Committee/Reviewing Committee.
Thirty copies of the Project Completion Report (PCR) are required to be submitted. Copies of the report are sent to user agencies for implementation of the recommendations.
Contact Address: The Executive Director or Director (PS)
Petroleum Conservation Research Association Sanrakshan Bhawan 10, BhikajiCama Place New Delhi-110066
Tel. No: (Oil) 26198809, 26198856
Fax. No; (011)261096688