Funding Schemes
Ministry Of Food Processing Industries (MFPI)
I. Introduction

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MFPI) was set up in July, 1988 to give an impetus to development of food processing industries in the country. The Ministry is concerned with formulation and implementation of the policies & plans for the food processing industries within the overall national priorities and objectives. The Ministry acts as a catalyst for bringing in greater investment into this sector, guiding and helping the industry, encouraging exports and creating a conducive environment for healthy growth of the food processing industry.
II. Name of scheme(s)

Research & Development in Processed Food Sector

i) Update processing, packaging and storage technologies for all major processed food products so that they meet International Standards.
ii) Standardization of various factors such as bacteriological standards, preservation standards, additives, pesticide residue etc., of meat and meat products, development of value added products of commercial importance.
iii) Development of processing technology for the production of intermediate and finished food product/product ion including design and building of prototype equipment/pilot plants.
iv) Fortification of cereals/cereal products for enhancing the nutritional level of our population, especially women and children.
v) Traditional Foods of various regions of the country.
vi) Development of new cost effective technologies for preservation and packaging for food products based on traditional foods, common food grains, dairy products etc., for both domestic and export purposes. Development and design of equipment for manufacture of such products, development of new inexpensive packaging techniques and equipments,
analysis of existing packaging methods, materials processes, quality control norms studies about improvement in the currently used systems, studies about newer packaging possibilities.
vii) Ministry may engage reputed research institutions/universities for directed research & development of low cost indigenous technology for preservation/processing, which will result in value addition to various foods.

Who can submit a proposal
Central/State Government Organisations, IITs, IIMs, R&D Institutes, Universities and NGOs etc. In case of NE States & Sikkim, the proposals may be simultaneously sent to the MFPI & SFAC.

When and how to submit a proposal
Any time during the year in the prescribed format which can be downloaded from the website. 15 copies of the project proposal should be submitted.

Areas of research support
Proposals related to the areas mentioned under the "Objectives" will be considered for support.

Components of grant
Grant-in-aid will be provided @ 100% of the capital cost to Central/State Government Organisation, IITs and Universities. To all other Implementing Agencies the grant-in-aid will be provided @ 33% of the capital cost for General Areas and 50% of the capital cost for Difficult Areas.

Items not allowed out of grant
International travel.

Mechanism of implementation and monitoring
The proposals are required to be recommended by the concerned State Government or Nodal Agency designated by them to the Ministry for approval. The proposals from PSUs, R&D Institutes, Universities, IITs and IIMs and other reputed State/National level institutes would not need such recommendations. The list of Nodal Agencies can be seen/ downloaded from the website. In case of areas under autonomous bodies such as Gorkha Hill Development Council such recommendations can be made by the Competent Authority.
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