Funding Schemes
Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES)
I. Introduction
The Ministry promotes renewable energy technologies and creates an environment conducive for their commercialization through innovative policy initiatives and strategies. The range of its activities covers renewable energy resource assessment, research and development, demonstration, extension and production in the areas of biomass energy, solar thermal and solar photovoltaics, wind energy and small hydro power. It also promotes and supports studies and research in new technology areas such as tidal energy, geothermal energy, alternate fuels for transportation, hydrogen energy and fuel cells. The programmes of the Ministry are implemented mainly through the state energy development agencies and state electricity boards. Greater thrust has been given to research and development through active involvement of research institutions, universities, industries and non-governmental organizations.
II. Name of scheme (s)

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Industry/Institution Participation in Research and Development Projects

To encourage public as well as private industrial sector for research and development in NRSE sector on cost sharing basis.

Who can submit a proposal
R&D institutions, industry, government organizations, non-governmental organizations, autonomous bodies, industrial units registered with DSIR.

When and bow to submit a proposal
The research proposals in the prescribed form, available from the Ministry may be submitted any time during the year. The guidelines and proforma for formulating project proposals can be obtained from the contact person or downloaded from the website.

Areas of research support
i) New Technologies
ii) Solar Thermal
iii) Solar Photovoltaics
iv) Wind Energy
v) Biomass Energy
vi) Small Hydro
vii) Others

Components of grant
Staff salaries, equipment, domestic travel, contingency, consumables and miscellaneous items.

Items not allowed out of grant
Capital equipment, land, building etc.

Mechanism of implementation and monitoring
R&D proposals received by the Ministry are scrutinized in the light of R&D strategy for market orientation and commercialization. After initial scrutiny, the proposals are sent to Experts for comments. The expert comment along with the justification from the concerned programme division is placed before the R&D Committee (s) for consideration/approval. The projects are monitored by the concerned programme division directly and in some cases with the help of special committees.
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