Funding Schemes
Ministry Of Communications & Information Technology (MOCIT)
Department Of Information Technology
I. Introduction
Department of Information Technology (DIT) since its inception has been giving importance to research and development. Promotion of research & development efforts in electronics and related fields in the country has been one of the major activities of Department of Information Technology.
II. Name of scheme(s)

1. Microelectronics & Nanotech Development Programme
2. Technology Development Council
3. Convergence, Communication & Strategic Electronics
4. Components & Material Development Programme
5. Electronics in Health
6. Human Computer Interface - TOIL,
7. E- Commerce & Info-Security
8. IT for Masses (Telemedicine)
9. Media Lab Asia
10. Photonics Development
11. Industrial Applications

Supports Research and Development projects for promotion of indigenous technologies in identified thrust areas.

Who can submit a proposal
Academic Institutes, Research Laboratories and Industries with proven track-record in R&D may submit proposals for consideration of funding by Department of Information Technology.

When and how to submit a proposal
Application for submitting a project proposal for consideration of financial support by DIT are to be made in the prescribed FORMAT and three copies are required to be sent to the concerned contact person depending upon the area of the project proposal any time during the year.

Areas of research support
i) Information Technology (Hardware/Software)
ii) Convergence, Communication & Broadband Techniques
iii) Micro-electronics & Photonics
iv) Industrial Electronics
v) E-Commerce & Information Security
vi) Nanotechnology
vii) Electronic Components & Material
viii) Strategic Electronics
ix) Rural Application
x) Health & Biotechnology
xi) Materials and Components including Microwaves & Millimeter waves
xii) Emerging Areas of Information Technology
xiii) Human Computer Interface/Language Technology96

Components of grant
Staff salaries, capital equipment, components & consumables, travel, overheads, contingencies.

Items not allowed out of grant
Building and infrastructural facilities.

Mechanism of implementation and monitoring
Evaluation and appraisal of project proposals is done through a Working Group consisting of eminent scientists and industrial experts and academicians, who recommend the proposals for consideration of funding by DIT. A Project Review and Steering Group (PRSG) comprising of representatives from DIT and other experts periodically monitors the project in technical and financial aspects.
Contact Address:
The Secretary
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