Funding Schemes
Ministry of Power Central Power Research Institute (CPRL)
I. Introduction
Ministry of Power, Government of India has entrusted the Central Power Research Institute to act as the nodal agency to manage the Research Scheme on Power [RSOP] including the funding for the Research programme. Techno-economic evaluation, monitoring and optimal utilization of resources are the major responsibilities of CPRI. This was earlier carried out by CBI&P and is now being managed by CPRI, since April 2001.
II. Name of scheme(s)

Research Scheme on Power (RSOP)

The scheme basically aims to provide fund for carrying out need based research projects in power sector including solving of power system operational problems in the country.

Who can submit proposal
Generally power utilities in the-central and state sectors can apply for this fund for solving their operational problems. However, if certain problems requiring theoretical studies, Academic and R&D Institutions can also submit proposals.

The Information has been published in the web site of CPRI ( and its link is available on the website of the Ministry of Power also. The details include proposal formats, general areas of research, selection mechanism, Monitoring mechanism etc.

When and how to submit a proposal
RSOP expert committee meets 3 to 4 times in an year to consider the new project proposals in the pipe line for funding under RSOP. The proposals in the order of their receipt will be considered by the committee including the revised proposals from previous meetings.

Areas of research support
The research areas include but not limited to:
I) Power system planning, improvement, studies
II) Diagnostic and condition monitoring of power system equipments.
III) Reliability enhancement of power station equipment etc.
However, pertinent projects in the power sector on specific case will also be considered.

Components of grant
Size of the project in terms of financial outlay is in the range of Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 30 lakhs of duration within 2 years. Generally 15% of overhead charges are allowed to be built into the cost of the project.

Items not allowed out of grant
Inclusion of salary component of permanent research staff is not encouraged; However cost towards hiring temporary research staff for the duration of the project is acceptable.

Mechanism of implementation and monitoring
The projects are evaluated by an expert committee [RSOP-Expert Committee] constituted for this purpose. The committee comprises experts from different organizations in the power sector like BHEL, NTPC, IISc. POWERGRID, CEA, CPRI, State Utilities etc. The Governing Council of CPRI chaired by Secretary (Power), Govt. of India, is final authority for approving the recommendations of the RSOP-Expert Committee.

Projects are monitored by RSOP Cell of the R & D Coordination Division of CPRI in Bangalore. Quarterly progress reports (physical & financial) are to be furnished by the Investigating Organizations. Review of progress is done by the RSOP Expert committee at Bangalore or at respective investigating organizations.
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