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National Rivers Water Quality Monitoring (NRWQM) Programme  
Inland water quality monitoring in India is conducted at 480 stations under the following two programmes : Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS); and Monitoring of Indian National Aquatic Resources (MINARS) ..
National Environment Awareness Campaign  
The National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC),started in 1986 for creating environmental awareness at all levels of the society, ..
Schemes and Programmes ..
National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring (NAAQM) Programme  
This nation-wide programme was initiated in 1984. As on March 31, 1995, the network comprised 290 stations covering over 90 towns/cities distributed over 24 States and 4 Union Territories. ..
Ecomark Scheme of India (ECOMARK) - Ecomark Labelling  
To increase consumer awareness, the Government of India launched the eco-labelling scheme known as `Ecomark' in 1991 for easy identification of environment-friendly products. ..
National Natural Resource Management System (NNRMS) Programme  
The Planning Commission/Government of India, had recognized the need and importance of setting up a National Natural Resource Management System (NNRMS) in early 1980s, towards optimal utilisation of remote sensing along with conventional data - for ma ..
Environmental research and development programmes aim at developing strategies, technologies, methodologies, information and data dissemination for better environment management permitting sustainable development. ..