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Clean Environment Consultancy Services (CECS)  
Clean Environment Consultancy Services (CECS) is a premier consultants in following areas: Detailed Engineering for Chemical plants and project Engineering, Design of Water and air pollution control plants and Equipments, Stack monitoring, EIA study ..
AES Testing & Research Laboratories  
AES Testing & Research Laboratories were established at a modest scale in 1982 by a group of professionals to provide reliable, efficient and economical testing facilities in the field of petroleum products. ..
Aqua Chemicals & Systems (MFG) Ltd.  
Designs equipment, controls, and components that purify water, remove dissolved solids, concentrate wastes, and enable clean water to be recycled or discharged to the environment. ..
Wildlife (WL)  
Wildlife Division in the Ministry is responsible for carrying out the activities relating to Wildlife conservation with the State Governments and to provide financial and technical assistance to them for scientific management of the wildlife resources ..
Integrated Finance (IF)  
Integrated Finance (IF) ..
A & N Islands Forests & Plantation Development Limited (ANIFPDL), Port Blair.  
To provide the necessary infrastructure to harvest and develop forest resources based, to promote forest resources based Industries, to arrange marketing of timber and other forest resources on the mainland and abroad. ..
Organica Biotech  
Offers biotech products for waste water treatment, pond and lake treatment, and aqua culture. ..