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Science and Engineering Research Council (SERC) of the Department of Science and Technology  
through its Program Advisory Committee (PAC) on Organic Chemistry, has launched a new initiative in organic chemistry research funding. The PAC on Organic Chemistry discussed the current scenario in the subject and identified problem areas at its firs ..
Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products Terpenoids and related compounds of plant and marine origin Lignans and related heterocycles New strategies of synthesis Asymmetric synthesis ..
Indian Institute Of Chemical Engineers  
IIChE is a confluence of streams of professionals from academia, research institutes and industry ..
Dyestuffs Manufacturers Association of India  
The Dyestuffs manufacturer's association of India, (DMAI) was set up dyes to promote & protect trade, commerce & industrial connected with dyestuffs & to encourage friendly feeling & unanimity amongst those engaged in the manufacture of dyestuffs in I ..
To Bring Together Chemicals & Dyes Merchants' under one Umbrella for Advancement of their Common Causes Publication A Comprehensive Members' Directory is Under Compilation and Printing and expected to be ready by middle of March, 1997 . ..
Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association  
today the Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association, a recognised representative body of the Rs.500 billion / US $ 16 billion Chemical Industry. Members include both Indian companies with a global presence, and subsidiaries of multinationals. ..
To Promote co-operation among indian firms companies corporation or persons connected with speciality thier adopting a common policy and collectively taking such steps as may be considered necessary to expedient to safeguard and further the interest o ..